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Service Animals FAQ

FAQs - Service Animals

Many people with disabilities use a service animal in order to fully participate in everyday life. Dogs can be trained to perform many important tasks to assist people with disabilities, such as providing stability for a person who has difficulty walking, picking up items for a person who uses a wheelchair, preventing a child with autism from wandering away, or alerting a person who has hearing loss when someone is approaching from behind.

Please clink the link below to download the FAQs from the ADA.

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Ally Mgt Email Notice

Congratulations to our newest credentialed professionals!  Jeff Worrell, CMCA and AMS and JohnMark Dennis, CMCA, AMS and Association/Project Manager at Ally Management, Inc. completed the courses and other requirements necessary to earn the Association Management Specialist (AMS®) credential.

The AMS credential provides standards for association management that will give homeowners and boards confidence in their manager’s knowledge and ability to provide professional services.  Earning a CAI credential demonstrates an elevated commitment to their professional education----and your community’s welfare. 

Additional Ally CAI credentialed staff include the following:

  • Cynthia M. Bonner, BIC and CMCA
  • Darcy Dennis, CMCA and Senior Association Manager

As an association management company, Ally has been in business for over 25 years. Throughout this time, our goal has been to excel at “management” on an on-going basis by providing services specifically and exclusively geared toward efficiency of managing homeowner and community associations.  For this reason, we have not involved our operation in “development”, “sales” or “rental” activities.  To further reach our goal, we have delivered to our clients services with expertise, consistency and personal attention, while interacting extensively on their behalf with the various stakeholders involved in development, sales and rental activities, as well as legal entities and mortgage companies to optimize results.


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